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Looking for video postproduction (video editing, sound editing, or motion design)? We have just the solution for you! Since 2007, Productions Cina has offered professional video editing, sound editing, and motion design services for companies looking to stand out above the competition with their professional videos. Our team even has extensive experience in multilingual video production. Request a quote today to learn about our low rates.

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Editing with Productions Cina

Are you looking to add a wow effect to your collection of photos, videos, or audio clips so you can stand out from your competitors? We’re here to help! We have been supporting our clients with video postproduction since 2007.

These days, entrepreneurs like you, must rely on quality videos for their websites, social media, and anything else related to communication. Some may even invest in podcasts or audio content. In any case, we’re here to help!

Your ally with video postproduction

First, we’ll take the time to talk with you and understand your needs. Next, we’ll analyze the equipment you have on hand and suggest the best solution for your situation. Then, our team will work their magic. Want your videos to be broadcasted in different territories and languages? Don’t worry, we also have plenty of experience in this area.

Make sure your corporate videos and audio productions represent your organization! Here at Productions Cina, creativity and precision are everything. We are your ally with video postproduction.

Here is an example of what we can do:

Stand Out with Motion Design

Looking to stand out with a fun and creative video? Consider motion design! This 2D animation style will bring your message to life and capture your audience’s attention.

Sometimes called “graphic animation” or “animated graphics”, motion design is an animation technique that lets you create videos in a variety of styles that emphasize movement.

This approach, halfway between visual arts and editing, integrates text, sound, computer graphics, drawing, video…everything needed to convey your message.

Here at Productions Cina, we create all kinds of animations from cartoon-like aesthetics to serious videos. Looking for something more abstract or stylized? We’ve got you covered. We’ll adapt to your corporate personality, your audience, and your goals.

Here is an example of what we can do:

Our approach is particularly useful when you want to:

  • Reach a younger audience
  • Liven up a subject that may become too heavy (ex: data or statistics)
  • Help your company stand out with a more vivid image
  • Make abstract elements more concrete (ex: bring attitudes to life)


They are our video production partner. From our very first video project 10 years ago to the several hundred projects we have completed together, the CINA team has become an extension of our marketing team. We benefit not only from their expertise in the design, realization, and production of our multimedia content, but also from their expertise in the recording and broadcasting of our virtual events. They are always ready to accompany us in our next project, by understanding how to identify our needs, adapting to our reality as a multinational company, and delivering high quality products. We trust Eric and his team completely!

Patrick Castera Paultre
Vice President Marketing Strategy
InnovMetric Logicels

Working with Cina means working with professionals who are available, understanding, dedicated and passionate. Our numerous collaborations have repeatedly demonstrated the excellence of their work. Thank you to Eric and his team, it is always a pleasure!

Claudia Ruel
Director of Communications
Le centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec (CTREQ)

The Cina team is easy to work with. They quickly grasp our needs and go above and beyond what we ask. Cina is always attentive to our needs, and they deliver quickly and within our financial parameters. Productions Cina is a firm that we recommend without hesitation!

Russel Tremblay, M. Sc.
Project Manager – Business Development
Institut technologique de maintenance industrielle (ITMI)


Founded in 2007 by Éric Guénard, Productions Cina distinguishes itself with their unique cinematographic treatment, aesthetic dimension, and multidisciplinary team made of experienced and talented creators.

Si vous êtes plus à l’aise en français, visitez le site Web de Productions CINA dans cette langue. If you are more comfortable in French, visit the Productions CINA website in this language.

Productions Cina - Eric Guénard - Producer - video postproduction.

Éric Guénard


Productions Cina - Olivia Leblond - Image Editor

Olivia LeBlond

Image editor

Productions Cina - Marc-Antoine Pelletier - Motion Designer

Marc-Antoine Pelletier

Motion designer

Production Vidéo | Motion Design - Keith Senecal - Image editor


Image editor

Production Vidéo | Motion Design - Catherine Ross - Project Manager - Video postproduction

Catherine Ross

Project manager


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